Chip Beauvais

Chip is a designer based in Metrowest and most-known for his Chroma Cubes and Smoke & Mirrors games.  He’ll be joining us to demo his games and answer any questions you may have about them.  Look for him at table 23 between 10AM and 6PM.


Jeff Johnston

Jeff designs light family friendly games, combining fun themes with playful interaction. You can enjoy Toasted or Roasted or Flashlights & Fireflies at retailers. MoonQuake Escape is his latest design and he’ll be joining us to demo it and answer any questions you may have. Look for him at table 1 between 10AM and 6PM.

Read more about MoonQuake Escape on:


Chris Anderson

Chris is a Massachusetts based game designer. He’ll be joining us to demo some of his games and get feedback. Chris will be at table 22 from 10AM – 4PM.

Blue Cube Board Games on Facebook

  • Space Station Disaster
    A tile laying game of survival which was shown at the Boston Festival of Indie Games last year.
  • The Mines of Mi Otal
    A family weight worker placement game of mining and crafting.
  • Crystal Harvest
    A 2 player card game of exploring planets and collecting crystals.
  • Flipped
    A single tile dexterity game.
  • Let’s See You Get Out of This One
    A story telling, party game where players have to get out of disastrous situations only using a handful of everyday items.